Creative Business, Photography and Graphic Design Training 

Corporate Photography Training

Photography has become an integral part of the day to day operation for some businesses, as many require the ongoing recording of photographic data for the web in social media applications, print media and even television.

At Imajenit, we believe it is vital to be prepared with the right tools in order to maximise and truly get the best out of your images. Our corporate clients often complain about the time they spend photographing their products and services and the fact that their results are more often than not – ordinary.

That's why we operate our Group Training Days, where corporate staff members are trained to become better skilled and equipped at operating their camera or even their smartphones.

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Of course, Imajenit is able to offer Certificate level photography and graphic design training through TAFE NSW, so if this is of interest to you and your staff, contact us today.

Private Photography and Graphic Design Training

Private training in photography and graphic design is available to people who prefer one-on-one training. Generally up to two people are trained at any one time; this enables undivided attention to all your individual requirements and questions relating to photography and design. Training is modified to suit the particular area you wish to concentrate on, for example portrait or landscape photography and/or using specific design programs such as Adobe Indesign, Illustrator or Photoshop.

Creative Business Start Up Training

Starting a new creative business or any business for that matter is challenging, but with the right skills, planning and knowledge you'll be up and running in no time. Creative Business Start Up Training is a new directive of Imajenit, we are consulted many times by young creatives wanting to leap into their own business but with no business skills or knowledge, this can be a certain fail. Imajenit has devised many areas that are crucial to the development of a creative business, some of these areas include:
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Plan
  • Budget
  • Target Audiences
  • Niche Markets
  • Business Management
  • Time Allocation
  • Social Media/Online Presence
  • Presentation
Imajenit is an experienced business operator. Founder of Imajenit, Jenet Stewart has been a business manager for most of her working career and for the past 12 years operating Imajenit Commercial Photography and Design. She has been awarded by the Chamber of Commerce for her excellence in Presentation and Marketing of a business and received the coveted Silver Rhino Award, she is an accredited member of the AIPP and ACMP and an affiliate member of the AGDA.

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"I enrolled in one of Imajenit's one-day introduction to DSLR photography courses knowing almost nothing about it – and I am now confident to operate my DSLR camera with manual functions, in a variety of different settings. Imajenit delivered a well organised and practical approach to learning, and was very patient and encouraging as we took practice photographs in different locations. Thanks again for a great day, and for introducing me into the world of photography! "Testimonial from Amy Selwood.