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The BIG moon


I was on the phone to one of my students discussing training with Imajenit.

The very next message I received was, "look at the moon." Of course like any avid photographer, I dropped the phone and shot outside to find a gorgeous big moon just rising in the eastern sky.

I quickly grabbed my camera gear and big lens (500mm) and headed out for a good position. I know, I know, moon shots tend to be like sunset shots. How many moon shots does a photographer really need. None the less I spent the next hour photographing it, changing my settings, changing positions etc. etc.

The moral to the story is, I now have another batch of moon shots, some with stars which is nice.

I've cropped this one for the blog but most of the images look similar.

Settings for moon shots, depending on the lens but for my 500mm

ISO 400, F6.3, shutter 1/2000 or thereabouts depending on the effect you are after, some were taken with an even faster shutter speed. It's great fun to photograph and you too can end up with heaps of moon shots just like us here at Imajenit.

The Imajenit Team