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Regional Photographer


It doesn't really matter where you operate your business from as long as you operate it in the best possible way.

Our Imajenit office is based at our home, we don't have a shopfront and frankly if we did, we'd have to have someone there manning it constantly.

Imajenit's work is 99.9 percent of the time on location. We download back at the office and transfer files but with the use of technology we are also able to shift files while working on location which is awesome.

Working in regional NSW and being a Dubbo Photographer really does have it's challenges as does working anywhere in the photography industry, anywhere in Australia and beyond with so many photographers in the arena these days.

What's the trick to becoming recognised?

There is no trick just make sure your work ethics are outstanding along with your images and the way you do business with your clients.

At the end of the day simply be the best you can be without a doubt.

Apart from all the above, consider great SEO, use selling words, you can Google those and present everything within your business with your own personal brand and style. 

Be unique and at the end of the day if no one noticed you today well there's always tomorrow.

Enjoy - Imajenit