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Re-branding a business is BIG business.

There's so much to consider and dollars to be spent on creating a whole new look, so where does Imajenit Commercial Photography fit into all that?

In the first instance a meeting with the company and then upbeat discussions regarding colour, style, tone, location, fees. logistics and so on.

You may be thinking, well why did the photographer have to become involved with all this.

Simple answer is, this is how Imajenit delivers, for us it's not just about taking a photograph.

At times there is much discussion and liaison with our clients regarding the final photoshoot, the key is nailing what your client really wants and understanding their vision and portraying it in the photographs taken.

Last week we had the privilege of working with BIG Blue Digital and the re-branding of their company, the results were just fabulous.


The Imajenit Team