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Marketing Your Photography Business


It's been  a fabulous year in 2015 for Imajenit Commercial Photography.

Imajenit grew way beyond our expectations, we won a major award in Presentation and Marketing at the end of 2014 and generally had a great time doing what we love - photographing.

All this sounds very exciting but the truth be known, it was damn hard work. We registered the Imajenit business name back in 2009 after years of freelancing we decided to actually own something.

In the beginning it was a real rollercoaster ride, with plenty of work this week and none for the next two weeks, we photographed everything and anything but of course, like most of us who try to be everything to everbody we started to burn out.

We spoke to family and one of the business leaders in our region and decided quickly that we were photographing and working in areas that we totally hated working in.

Sounds like a no brainer doesn't it, but sometimes you need someone else to tell you to "DO WHAT YOU LOVE."

For us it was back to basics and our original business plan which actually stated,  "commercial photography, marketing and advertising photography for businesses."

So onward and upward we went, concentrating on what Imajenit did best, then came the plan to get people interested.

In the short term and specifically with a very restricted budget we targeted social media - which one? 

ALL of them, yes it took time but we managed our time well, posted images and comment relating to our genre of photography and soon "they" followed.

We also used print media advertising to a lesser extent as it was costly with little known return for our dollar.

The BEST marketing for Imajenit was through networking, attending business functions monthly and sometimes weekly with the people we'd like to do business with. We worked on a sponsorship deal with the function co-ordinators and soon Imajenit was well recognised, not just as a photographer but someone who understood the whole marketing/advertising idea for businesses, promoting both services and products.

Then why, you may ask did we receive both a marketing and presentation award, what about the presentation? 

It was actually easier than you think. 

We dont have a shop front, we operate from our offices at our home purely because 99% of Imajenit's photography is done on location. Our presentation came from the way in which we dressed, presenting ourselves in corporate attire fitting to the business community. We used our stand out Imajenit logo on everything, business cards, logos, quotations, usage licenses, banners, car advertising, USB's etc. We were and still are well and truly branded with the Imajenit name. 

From very early on we knew our target market and pursued it, we researched our competitors and gave our clients something special that, they hadn't received before. We're not talking about 3 prints for the price of one here, we're talking exceptional standards in service and of course the images to boot.

There is much more to the Imajenit brand and how we do business, the best advice came from an old photography friend of ours who said, "Always strive to be the best that you can be, do not follow but be a leader and you will rise above the rest." 

And our last words would have to be, "Work Hard, Stay Humble."

Until next time 

The Imajenit Team