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Imajenit Photography Trends 2015


Predicting photography trends can be a procarious adventure but here at Imajenit, we thought we'd give it a go.

All you really need to do is watch, read, listen, use your senses and you'll soon grasp what everyone is loving in the photography arena for 2015.

We'll start with colour or the lack of it, gorgeous white images, high key and then there's the grey scale and natural tones, this can be related to whatever you are photographing.

The use of textiles, different textures and contrasting colour provides fabulous imagery with home decor, food and the hospitality industry for the more commercial images.

People are in their environment, using technology, keeping green and showing the diverse multicultural society we have throughout Australia, working alongside us Aussies.

Our trend comments are designed to suit most photographers, explore all your online contacts, check out magazines, particularly fashion and home decor, but most of all start photographing for yourself. Maybe you'll start your own trend.