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Food Photography


It's been one extra busy couple of week's here at Imajenit.

It seems we have hit the ground running for 2015 which is simply fabulous for business.

We've spend the last three days photographing on location at Taronga Western Plains Zoo located in Dubbo, Central West NSW.

Our photography job at the Zoo was to capture - no, not animals, but food.

There are three main areas at the Zoo where you'll find a delicious array of food.

We firstly shot the Zavannah Room food where the most amazing functions are held overlooking the picturesque Savannah Lake and then onto the Bakhita Cafe where you could only describe the food as mouth watering.

Our last day was spent at Zoofari Lodge, a massive and most impressive venue overlooking the elegant, long necked giraffe enclosure. Photographing the food at the lodge was a fabulous 5 star experience.

Needless to say we had a great few days at the Zoo but you may be asking, how we did it.

How do you photograph food at various locations and make it look good or great even?

Well, starting with a great chef that creates an amazing plated meal is a real plus, after that it gets a little more technical.

To start, photograph with camera on tripod, have relfectors ready in case you need more light in specific areas of the shot.

Have an off camera flash handy and or studio lighting depending on the location, situation and more importantly what style you're client is looking for with their food photography.

Last but not least, experiment a little, use different apertures to create the desired look, keep the images clean and simple so the food really does shine in every shot.

Food should always be bright, colourful and looking delicious so make sure you do your best to photograph it, in this manner.


The Imajenit Team