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Corporate Head Shots for the Ladies


Imajenit has had the privilege of photographing many women in corporate positions over the years.

And unfortunately, sometimes we get the whole outfit wrong especially for a corporate head shot!

There is a simple rule, which is to keep you're clothing simple. That means, no BIG stripes and bold prints, generally speaking, we want the attention to be on your face not on your clothing.

Dress modestly, NO singlet tops, plain colours are the best like your basic black, navy, dark grey or steel or any solid colour as long as it doesn't clash with your hair.

So generally speaking, NO red dresses on red haired girls.

If you haven't been photographed before by Imajenit, a good rule of thumb is to bring 2-3 different coloured shirts or dresses with you, we will soon be able to tell which colour suits your personality and more importantly projects the right image for the right target market for you.

If we are photographing full length shots, make sure you're shoes are appropriate, they need to match your outfit and compliment it as well.

Remember to tuck those bra and slip straps away and check your makeup and hair, we want you to look your best. 

Make sure your makeup is matt, we dont want you to shine too much. Imajenit always has some touch up powder on hand just in case you've forgotten yours.

We hope this has been some help to your next corporate head shot shoot.  See more of Imajenit's head shots

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